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A dealer’s guide to car photography

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on May 29, 2019

There is no underestimating the value of high-quality car photography. Customers can tell a lot about your dealership from your advertising images, which are often the first impression a customer gets of a car.

New models benefit from polished manufacturer stock shots, while used vehicles don’t enjoy the same luxury and require a bit more effort. Get it right though, and you immediately showcase the car’s best qualities in plenty of detail, immeasurably boosting your chance of a sale.

However, photography is easy to get wrong–and a lot of businesses do exactly that. A lack of know-how or the scramble to get images online frequently leads to poor-quality shots that leave the viewer unclear about what they’re looking at and questioning the dealership’s professionalism. If you want to sell more cars, then you can’t cut corners with photography. If you have the budget for a professional then go for it–but handling your pictures in-house is perfectly doable whether you’re a veteran photographer or a novice with a smartphone.

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Putting Canadian Millennials behind the wheel: think outside the showroom to reach this growing generation

Posted by CarGurus Admin on April 12, 2019

Meet the Canadian Millennial – probably older than you think, quite possibly a hard-working parent, and with enough obligations to need a vehicle.

According to a survey by Canada Post, a good 33 per cent of Millennials have young families. They’re raising kids, with careers in full swing, and buying homes. That means they’re ripe prospects for car-buying.

Canadian car industry guru Dennis DesRosiers proposes, if you crunch the numbers, it would be impossible for Millennials not to buy cars. DesRosiers finds that car ownership in Canada has “exploded” over the last 17 years, currently standing at 87 per cent. He also notes that the number of the youngest cohort of drivers (under 16) has grown from 48.1 per cent to 54.6 per cent during that same timeframe. And the next two youngest cohorts (16 to 19, 20 to 24) have not declined. “Get them while they’re young and you might have a customer for life,” advises DesRosiers.

So how do dealers capture this growing market segment?

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5 tips for writing compelling copy for online automotive ads

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on December 18, 2018

In the past several years, there’s been a surge in digital advertising spend in the automotive industry. And eMarketer forecasts that consistent, double-digit growth in digital ad spending will continue through 2021.

Yet all too often, dealerships treat the copy in their advertising as an afterthought. They toss in a few keywords, check the grammar, and hit publish. But copy is important—words matter!—and it should be treated that way.

We’ve put together some of the top tips for writing ad copy to help your dealership get the greatest ROI from online ads.

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4 strategies for marketing your dealership’s service department—and why it’s so important

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on November 19, 2018

More than half of the average dealership’s revenue comes from its service department. Yet only about 30% of sales customers return to the dealership for service within the first year of ownership—and that number drops with each passing year. Why? Studies show that convenience and price are the main factors. Car owners believe that returning to the dealership for service is less convenient than visiting a local mechanic, and they assume non-dealership service options are better deals.

But as car owners continue to hang onto their vehicles longer than ever—and the opportunity to increase revenue grows—it’s become crucial for dealerships to expand their digital marketing efforts to include their service department. Dealerships that set themselves apart by marketing their services stay top of mind among existing customers and earn more new business.

Fixed ops marketing presents a valuable opportunity for dealerships, but to truly tap into the opportunity, you have to be strategic. Here we explore four things you can do to effectively market your dealership’s services and reach more potential customers.

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What sets great car dealers apart: key metrics for e-newsletters

Posted by CarGurus Admin on October 3, 2018

Carefully measuring the performance of your email newsletter leads to better content and more engaged customers

As a car dealer who wants to engage customers and nurture loyalty, you probably send a regular e-newsletter (and if you don’t, you really should). But too many customer newsletters are bland, self-serving, and easily ignored. Great dealers set their newsletters apart by using key metrics to continually fine tune everything from core content to the time of day they send them. Customers value their newsletters, which makes them a potent weapon in your marketing mix.

Refining your own newsletter isn’t complicated, and it will never be wasted effort. Email marketing—of which an e-newsletter is an important component—remains an extremely effective marketing channel. According to Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on email marketing earns $44 in return.

In other words, an effective e-newsletter is a key part of your marketing strategy. But measuring that effectiveness and tweaking it accordingly is vital. Newsletters that offer no value annoy consumers, who are increasingly prepared to report irrelevant emails as spam and unsubscribe from contact lists.

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Automation makes digital marketing easy and effective for forward-thinking dealers

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on July 27, 2018

Marketing automation turns browsers into potential buyers—while dealers get on with other business

Like other time-pressed small businesses, dealerships naturally worry that running a digital marketing strategy properly might take resources they don’t have, and that doing it badly might be worse than not doing it at all. The answer is to let technology take on the heavy lifting. Marketing automation tools put efficient and effective lead nurturing within easy reach of all dealers, allowing them to boost customer engagement—and ultimately sales—without undermining other areas of business.

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Is your email marketing working? 5 key metrics you should be measuring

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on June 27, 2018

A good email marketing campaign can drive sales and engagement. But how do you measure how well you’re doing?

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to email marketing. It is a relatively cheap channel that allows you to reach a large number of people, and it’s highly effective at driving revenue—revenue contribution from email marketing represents more than 20% of overall revenue for many companies. By using techniques like segmentation, data analytics, and customized content, you can optimize your email marketing campaigns to greatly improve customer engagement, strengthen your brand image, and reach new potential customers.

As we discovered in our article on email marketing tips, there are many things you can do to make your campaigns more successful. In this piece, we’ll dive into the metrics you should be tracking to measure and evaluate the impact of those changes. Some metrics are more valuable than others and some metrics might sound useful, but on their own, don’t offer much insight. For example, you might think that your Open Rate is a good indicator of success, but just because someone opens your email does not necessarily mean they’re reading it.

Let’s take a look at five important metrics you should be paying attention to when measuring your email marketing efforts.

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5 essential tips for effective email marketing

Posted by CarGurus Admin on June 20, 2018

Email marketing offers dealers the opportunity to engage with more potential customers

With 225 billion emails being sent every day, it’s safe to say that email is a powerful form of communication with massive marketing potential. Email marketing also boasts an exceptionally high ROI, with 83% growth from 2015–2017 according to the Salesforce State of Marketing report.

The numbers send a clear message: you should be using email marketing as a way to boost sales and draw more customers to your dealership, both online and on foot. In this article, we’ll discover five actionable items to make your email marketing campaigns more impactful.

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How to create more effective campaigns with A/B testing

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on May 8, 2018

Simple experiments can help optimize your content for better results

If you’ve been working on digital marketing strategies for your dealership, you’ve probably encountered the term ‘A/B testing’ before. A/B testing is a powerful technique which can help hone your marketing campaigns and make them as effective as possible. Without getting too technical, this article will give you a solid primer on what it is, how to set it up, and what online tools you can use in your A/B testing analysis.

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